And off we go…

Welcome to GnomeTank’s UDK Adventure. This is a “stream of consciousness” blog where I will post various tricks, tips, hacks and shenanigans related to me implementing an RPG game toolkit on top of the Unreal Development Kit. I will try to make daily posts covering my progress, things I’ve learned, ‘gotchas’ to avoid, and more.

We’ll start with a ‘gotcha’ I overcame last night. If you plan to implement a custom Pawn class (in my case, RpgToolkitPawn), you need to make sure you add the Mesh component to the Components in your DefaultProperties block, otherwise the pawn will have no visible representation.

For example

class RpgToolkitPawn extends Pawn

    begin object class=SkeletalMeshComponent name=Mesh0
        ... // setup your Skeletal mesh here
    end object
    Mesh = Mesh0 // Set the Engine.Pawn.Mesh reference to our Mesh0 component
    Components.Add(Mesh0)  /* THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART. Without this, the pawn will not render your skeletal mesh */

As you can see, adding the ‘Components.Add(Mesh0)’ was extremely important to the Pawn being a visible entity in the game world.


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